Sunday, March 30, 2014

Geek Maternity Clothes

Technology has become a vital part in the world we live in today. Creating all-time super-geeks who adore it, and will leave no stone unturned when it comes to ruling. Ok, ok. While that isn't completely true, despite what some of the jocks from high school might have said. Geeks too find love, and will also have children of their own. Giving them the upper leg when it comes to fashion, especially during pregnancy! Many stores are now offering these geek-chic t-shirts for the pregnant gamer or computer savvy mother to be.

Whether you are into c++, html, into reading, computer programming, or just table top gaming. There is a world of geek inspired maternity t-shirts available for you to purchase. While they aren't readily available at your local mass retail chains across the country, a few geek savvy companies such as this one; have opted to offer some of these sassy t-shirts. All of which will allow you to one-up your opponents, or get a plus fifty to ultimate skills in fashion.

One of the benefits to these geek chic t-shirts, is that they are offered in literally hundreds of different colors, shapes, prints, and sayings. Which makes the options nearly endless when it comes to finding that perfect fit. While they aren't offered locally, a chic geek such as yourself; should have little problems utilizing the internet to find that perfect t-shirt, that will help you to relay that your child is the next generation of geek! Some of the best-selling geek inspired t-shirts are:

* Idue (offering a wide selection of months for the mommy-to-be who knows her due-date)
* n00b in training
* Future Geek!
* I'm blogging this
* Loading...
* I'm not slow, your lagging.
* Loading.. Please wait
* Ninja in training, out in 9 months.
* Some days it's just one damned tentacled monster after another.
* When he grows up he will be an evil genius
* When she grows up she will be an evil genius
* Trust me it's a genius
* Plotting escape
* Reading.. Come back in 9 months.
* geek inside
* Rolling an ALT
* Look what I can do!
* Warning! This site is under construction!
* geek incubator
* Come closer.... my symbiote is ready to take host!
* Belly of holding.
* Giving a new meaning to Spawn Point
* Future stone bearer inside
* Do not disturb. Baby synthesis in progress.
* Yes, my husband actually logged off WOW, long enough to knock me up!

As you can see, there are several options to choose from with these sassy t-shirts. However, this list is limited; as opposed to the virtually limitless selection that there is for you to find. Get those keyboards working, and brains thinking to get that perfect addition to your pre-baby wardrobe.

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