Sunday, March 30, 2014

8 Reasons Smart Girls Should Date Geeks!

Girls, here are the top eight reasons you should consider dating a geek!

1. Geeks will look after you.
Geeks are sweet and caring individuals who have their heart set in the right place. They know what is feels like to be tormented and teased through high school wedgies and toilet dunkings - and wouldn't wish it upon anyone. A geek will look after you better than any jock could.

2. You'll never run out of conversation with a Geek
Super intelligence makes for great conversations on just about everything! Even if they've got no clue on a topic, they could Google it and grasp any topic from rocket science to such as South Africa and The Iraq and everywhere and such as. There's no running out of conversation with a geek.

3. Geeks will do the thinking for you!
Of course this will come in handy for you... Think trivia nights, removing viruses from your computer, calculating the cost-per-wear of your new Jimmy Choos before you can say "does it come in pink?" This means your pretty brain free to focus on the important things. Like World Peace, or what's going to go with those new shoes???

4. You'll have your own little project
A project that will keep you amused for hours! Your geek will usually come in a standard packed geek uniform and haircut so you may be required to play a little dress ups to upgrade your model to geek 2.0. Like most girls that slap on shadow and lippy, you are privy to fashion... a geek appreciates someone who is an expert in a field in which they are not. Manicure your geek with a well chosen haircut, come new clothes, a little Vitamin D and voila!

5. Geeks are free on weekends
Oh God! The tragedy... Football... Baseball... Basketball! Who needs to watch men chase a ball around? Not Geeks! With your Geek, you'll be able to indulge in date ideas! with visits to the art gallery, walks in the park and dinners out on the weekends. With the odd occasion of online adventure gaming - which of course you could always learn to play by creating a basic profile - you could be a princess on a quest!

6. You're the one!
Right after the internet, that is. But, think of it this way - a Geek has spent much of his time one-on-one with the Internet. No doubt He's ready for a change - and the fact that you're 3-D, well it's a whole new dimension yet to be explored!

7. His friends are lovely
A Geek's friends are sweet and sincere... and as fun as he is. Think social interactions a quiet weekends playing Everquest at home, giving you all the time to shop with your friends. You'll be able to shop without care for you know your Geek won't be with the boys at strip clubs, drinking too much or flirting with others.

8. Geeks have money
Geeks are far too clever to be on welfare. In most cases they are in high-level, high paying jobs. In most cases they've already bought the gadgets they need to keep themselves amused - you'll be next in line for the spoiling.

So, now that you're excited about finding yourself your very own Geek - you may want to peruse the chapters of Geeks awaiting your love here, on Geek Love the perfect place to find your perfect geek. Happy dating!

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