Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fashion Tips For Geeks - 6 Do's and Don'ts

Let's face it. You may be super smart and talented, but you can't coordinate an outfit even if your precious Star Trek collection depended on it. Geeks/nerds get a bad rap for not having any fashion sense, and rightfully so. From pleated Dockers to company logo t-shirts, there's no end to the amount of fashion ridicule they're subjected to. Well fear no more! Here are 6 fashion nerdy Dos and Don'ts.

1. Do: Take Care of Your Hair
The whole world doesn't need to know you just woke up, threw on some clothes and ran out of the door. Take time in pampering your hair (yes, I said pamper). Nothing makes a girl giddier than neat, fresh smelling hair to play with. If you like the Johnny Depp messy look, you can still do it with some style: use hair wax or serum to give a more relaxed, yet tame look. Just apply a small amount after a shower and run it through your hair with your fingers.

2. Don't: Wear Company Logo Shirts
Company logo t-shirts are for work and only work. Ok, I take that back -- they're also acceptable to wear around the house and for yard work, but that's where I draw the line. If still you're itching to wear logos, go with brand names like Polos and Nautica.

3. Do: Master the Art of Layering
For a casual look, pick out a plain or graphic t-shirt and layer it on top of an undershirt or camisole. Don't be afraid to play with colors. For a more dressed up look, try pairing a collared shirt with a vest or cardigan. Layering makes you look more polished and put together. If you're a skinny nerd, layering also helps give more bulk to your appearance.

4. Don't: Wear Pleated Pants
I know it's tempting to buy those pleated Docker pants at JC Penny, but please try to refrain from doing so, even if they're on sale for $19.99. Pleated pants make your hips look big and are VERY unflattering when you sit down. Go for a straight fit instead.

5. Do: Accessorize, But NOT With Gadgets
Ditch those cell phones clipped at the waist and bluetooth ear pieces. They scream geekness. Instead, accessorize with scarves, leather bracelets, studded belts, hats, etc. If you've got a lot of things to carry, consider getting a man bag (aka messenger bag). David Beckham carries one, maybe you should too.

6. Do: Wear Contacts or Stylish Glasses
If you're not a contact lens type of guy, consider getting some trendy glasses. Spend some time researching online to find the right glasses for your face shape. And don't be afraid to walk into a store and ask for advice. After all, those eye specialists help people pick glasses every day. They usually know what's hot and what's not.

There you have it. I hope some of these tips help find your inner swagger. In the end, it's all about how you carry yourself. So feel confident in what you're wearing and wear it well!

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